I Almost Gave Up On Her

I Almost Gave Up On Her

This amaryllis that is…

The one I bought at Whole Foods last December. She was nearly fully grown and I enjoyed her splendor without doing much to care for her. I placed her in the dark after she bloomed, but not really exactly as the instructions instructed. I brought her back out this past December and she didn’t do anything, there was not a single sign of growth for months. She wasn’t “on time”. If I tended to things quickly I probably would have let her go. Instead she sat with the rest of the plants, I just no longer paid her much attention.

However, a few weeks ago I saw a green tip growing from her bulb. I upgraded her from her spot on the floor beneath the bench, to right beside the window and seemingly overnight she grew a foot. As the days went by, she got taller and taller. I am in awe how she supports this divine reach.

Her petals are encased at the top and are ready to unfurl in her own time and not a moment before. While it seemed like nothing was happening, indeed everything was. She wasn’t to be rushed. All her needs had to be met and only then would she bloom. Never would a flower bloom on empty, without everything she needs first.  Her roots must be fed, nourished, and cared for and then her generosity can be enjoyed by those who share her presence.

Now I wait in joyful anticipation for her beautiful reveal, and listen to any lessons she has for me.

Her teachings echo the inspiration that nourished this new jewelry collection, Moon Garden, which is a celebration of what grows in the dark, what blossoms when at rest. Reveling in devotion and illuminating what is true.

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