I Got 99 Problems ...

I Got 99 Problems ...

But muscari ain’t one.

[Oh my goodness, yes I did just write that.] HA!

Spring hits me in different ways. Last year I felt indignant, heavy with grief. This year, I am in awe of how flowers make their entrance.

I’ve been paying close attention to these little purple flowers that I have planted around the house. They are known as muscari, or grape hyacinth, and they feel full of personality.

The first thing I notice is the wisps of their green leaves. It feels like they are the arms flung open wide as if to say,

“We are here! And the rest of us will be on their way momentarily. You just have to wait as we are making sure everything is OK for their arrival.”

…as they feel the air around them.

“And trust us, it will be worth it. We know your tired winter eyes have been starved for color like ours. Our complete presence will be a tonic for you.”

Eventually little clusters of soon to be purple berry like shapes will push through the soil. They are like a child that grows quietly taller.  I will not realize the inches grown until their pants are too short - or in this case until they are propped up on their long stem.

Of course, it is with great patience and trust they rise. As with all things in nature, they will not be rushed.  They will receive what they need as they slowly emerge. It feels like progress made visible.

And the season meets me where I am, as this theme is present in my personal life. The practice of patience, persistence, and the ability to notice growth. I am grateful for my creative work which holds the space for my evolution, and creates pieces to celebrate yours! You can see that alive in my newest collection, Moon Garden, here! 

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