I met myself in the garden today.

I tended to the roses that had been left just as they were at the end of last season. Some still had their dried petals and leaves hanging on.

I got pricked and my scarf got tethered to the sharp prongs of the rose bushes. It was as if they were grabbing me close and making sure I did what was needed, and only then would they let me go.

While I pruned back the thorny stems and dead wood I also felt I was also receiving an energetic clearing. It felt good to take care of something outside, and to listen for what was needed [after I consulted online resources as to how to prune roses]. I heard whispers of the plants saying: “Thank you for taking care of us, for creating the conditions for us to grow well and with ease my dear. I see you are doing the same for you.”

Now to figure out how to support the plants (and parts of me) that are leaning heavily over to one side.

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