During these past months I have been met with deep pain and profound beauty. I managed to get a gigantic splinter in my foot which required surgery to remove. Then a month later I travelled to Italy, to see a good friend in all her glory perform at the famous opera house, La Scala, in Milan.

I feel it is a tale as old as time [or at least since Under the Tuscan Sun] : woman travels to Italy to reawaken parts of herself she doesn't even realize she has forgotten. When she arrives she allows herself take in the beauty and nourishment as sacred acts. Slowly, the ancient landscape of Italy becomes a mirror for her internal one.

Or something like that...

I am riding this momentum.

I am noticing the alchemy that comes alongside both the disintegration and triumphs, that usher the next stage of life in, whatever that may be.

Through it all I've found solace in my art and in my creativity, and now I am delighted to offer them to you in jewelry form. They will be available on my website Friday, November 18th at 9am. I'll also share some of my favorites [although it is hard to have favorites] on my instagram.

Thank you for being here.

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