I was lucky to gather with a few friends to paint and set intentions for the summer solstice. Just a few weeks into summer, I feel I need to recalibrate.

After a weekend away at a wedding celebrating a dear friend, amongst dear friends - it has taken a while to land - as it does.

This morning I naturally woke early [love it when that happens!], and I sat under grandmother tree in our backyard, as I do. I wrote notes of gratitude and wishes to carry me through the heat of the summer :

ease. watermelon. slowness. creative play. paint. beauty. nature. exploring new places. rest. reading. catch lightening bugs. celebration. simplicity. joy. less is more. cherry picking.

I am present to the pause it takes to practice remembering.

I will be hosting a class to explore paint and intentions Wednesday, July 19th at 6:30pm, and I would love to have you. You can find more info here.

Stay cool!

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