Renewal is generous

Renewal is generous

Renewal is gradual.
Renewal is artful.

Renewal is forgiving.
Renewal is life giving.

Renewal is allowing.
Remewal is sweet.

Renewal is repetitive.
Renewal perpetuates what is good and true in you.

Renewal is a long exhale
Renewal is laying down everything you’ve been holding.

Renewal is breathing life into parts of you that have been dormant. 

Renewal is a process.

*.   *.    *.   *.  * 

Introducing the RENEWAL collection housed on a glorious new website. These pieces were inspired by my love affair with house plants in the depth of winter.  Noticing the beauty of these unique leaves, which can be overlooked, but offer the most exquisite care to both the plant and the viewer. 

I noticed the joy nature offered my heart, and at this point I am in it for the unbridled joy.  The kind that cleanses, clears, and fills me up. That kind poured into these offerings, to stand for your becoming, your allowing, your presence, your renewal.

May they serve you well.

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