Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst Dreams

My mother’s birthstone is amethyst, a stone that has been around for centuries. It is considered to be a very spiritual stone promoting peace and calm. It promotes a fluidity of thoughts and offers a sense of deeper understanding. According to The Crystal Bible : It helps you feel less scattered mentally and assists with the decision making process : grounding ideas (air) into practice (earth). To me, it feels both mystical and practical.

Amethyst has subtly been working her magic on me for my entire life. Through my mother, and the collection of her birthstone jewelry. And more deeply now with amethyst stones I have gathered over the years, and the jewelry I have created and shared.

My mother was really the gateway into the realm of making jewelry. She introduced me with her superb taste in beautiful and whimsical jewelry and her generosity in giving.

I vividly remember when I coveted a gift she was giving to her yoga teacher. It was a necklace of gemstones spaced out and knotted on a black silk cord. Why do I think it came from Nine West? Instead of handing it over to me, as I so desperately wanted her to, she said, "I bet you can make this." And so I did.

And continue to do so.

I made this collection as a means to help support you and all you are up to. Whether it is resting more or working smarter, whether it is receiving deeply or giving generously, or a combination of them all. Whatever is unique to you, these gemstones have the ability to support, hold, and allow your intentions to land and be a visual representation as you move through life.

Going deeper into the meaning of gemstones has been so satisfying for me, and it has given me a deeper layer of support and guidance for which I am so grateful for.

Take a look at the one of a kind pieces in the Amethyst Collection.

And In making space for more jewels to come, there is currently a big SALE to make space for the new.

With Love,

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