I am an artist!

This was a bold statement I claimed for myself 4 years ago, but really I have always been one. It just took courage to remember. 

The initiation into motherhood is what revived and deepened my art practice. I needed a way to spin things into gold, to alchemize within the process of mothering and becoming. 

I began making jewelry, when my oldest was born 10 years ago.  That became a gateway into color, shape, and pattern - and the magic of creating something out of nothing. 

I have since added paints to my repertoire: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and inks.  This has led me to capturing the ephemeral beauty of flowers and playing with abstract shapes and color.  Both have been life giving practices. 

My work is my humble attempt of offering glimpses of beauty back to this world that generously offers so much.  

I believe that being surrounded by beauty is a powerful act, and as a co-owner of gallery + art space, Third Story, we are brining the healing power of artful expression to Lancaster, PA.  A real gift.  

Oh, and I am originally from NY.