Art from the Heart

Art from the Heart

This is the last few days of school for the kids, and of course this is the time I feel like I finally figured out my rhythm! It takes me a while sometimes.

A lot happened since the school year began. As I see the growth in my children, and how they navigated the peaks and valleys of their year, I am also turning that gaze towards myself and witnessing my growth..

I printed and offered this book I created nearly 5 years ago. I also, figured out how to turn an original piece of work into a print. Both of these things took way more courage and talking myself off the ledge than the average person might think was necessary.

While I have built the muscle it to takes to share my jewelry, the art - that also comes from my heart, was a whole other task of bravery.

Now to celebrate it all, I have put more pieces up on my website (!) including originals, prints, and cards! And I know more is coming…

You can see it all here.

While I was gripping in anticipation last week, I know beautiful things will unfurl for us all during this next season.

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