Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

I ask you how do I enjoy you, rather squander the hours in vain for the sake of productivity so I can “be” someone? Can I just be?

Can you teach me to sit and listen to the water babble in the creek?

When my instinct is to flitter to the next thing for the sake of acquiring, can you be with me here like Mary Oliver was : witnessing the world around her, with all her senses open and aware. Her form of prayer.

May my prayer be a form of celebration, a tender a noticing, an open questioning.

Remind me nothing in life is that important; and little is just as important as big.

So my dear you don’t have to squeeze anything out, you may take your time.

I will say the same thing with a different combination of words until my cells get it. Like this version : Inherit Value.

May your cells register what they are yearning to receive.

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