Finding My Way Back In

Finding My Way Back In

Finding my rhythm amidst the change is the forever invitation. Even when it feels so elusive anytime a transition comes.

Today and this year I now have three kids in school all day. This is a huge milestone! No wonder it took me a while to figure out what I am doing again.

I eventually found my way midday painting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers I spotted at a restaurant on my birthday. A beautiful combination of wild weeds and beautiful blooms all mixed in a gorgeously large and ornate vase. With paint on my brush, I remembered some things that streamed in recently like :

Nothing is so serious.

I don’t have to go so fast.

There is nothing to get right.

Fun + joy are the ultimate goal.

So in the spirit of the above we will see what this new life rhythm has in store, and in the meantime I will be making wishes.

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