Fitting In

Fitting In

The bearded irises are on their way out.

A few weeks ago I caught a glimpse of their arrival with a swatch of color emerging from their sturdy green stems. It reminded me of a tube lipstick, or a paintbrush - with saturated color just on the tip. The next day their petals were completely unfurled, in the generous offering that they are.

We had these at our old house, and they never bloomed. They clearly weren't in the right conditions, but I had babies and no time or knowledge for the garden. When we moved here, I didn’t really like them. They were so bold, so stoic, so sure of themselves. They were not made to fit in.

However, a few weeks ago they ushered in a creative flow as I completed a bunch of canvases that have been in process for a while. I felt like I was waiting for the irises to bloom. I rode the wave of their sureness of themselves and gathered the courage to share my art online.

Now needless to say, I very much appreciate their beauty and the medicine they offer.

As I remember, I was not made was not made to fit in. And obviously, nor were you.

I Needed The Irises To Bloom is available now.

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