Garden Party

Garden Party

It was bound to happen.

A jewelry collection inspired by flowers.

As a novice gardener, with countless seeds sprouting in my basement, and big dreams of gardens ahead. I had to create something that echos the utter joy that comes with the trees blossoming, and collection of flowers in bloom.

When the blossoms began to appear on the trees, my whole body also felt like she was in bloom. It was a deep visceral connection to the new, feathery, light adornments that declare the beauty present when life reappears. A heightened sense of celebration and awareness, for as seemingly as quick as they appear, just as so with swiftness they vanish.

“Let blessings fall like blossoms all around you.” - Rumi

My love of flowers have permeated all surfaces of my heart, and my wish is this Garden Party collection will delight your heart. This collection will be blooming all season long, then into summer and early fall. Echoing the tremendous beauty Mother Nature offers us so generously. Let’s see what new things will grow, especially after those harrowing, dark rainy days.

We will step back to see the growth.

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