Harvest The Beauty

Harvest The Beauty

In the presence of fall and the certain sense of renewal that comes with it, I have been in a creative tunnel. I have been relishing in this journey - I get lost sometimes, I always make a giant mess, and I often ignore certain things so I can bring another into form.  This motion and expression has been soul soothing to me and this part is culminating in an outdoor art show this Saturday in Lancaster! 

I will be showcasing my jewelry, as well as debuting my paintings! This is scary - and thrilling.

I have been working on a series of 100 small paintings over the past 2 + years, and many are still in process. I’ve collected a few that have a certain spirit to them and feel ready to share. As well as a few chosen canvases.

The chaos of the summer had to happen, in order for this to follow. I found this scribbled on the back of a painting I did months ago :

Trust in it all.

Trust even more in the chaos, in the turbulence, in the discomfort. 

This too is vibrant, and will eventually lead to order.

This is your beautiful life, dear one - smear it with color. 

If you are not local, and want to see the magic via FaceTime I would love nothing more than to set up a virtual viewing with you. Send me a message and we will get something set up.

Saturday, October 23


under the chestnut trees :

945 Valley Road

Lancaster, PA

Come be a part of the journey on instagram : @charmandmagic

“I wanted to take a great journey. So I sat for three days.” Hafiz

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