We have returned from Florida for a quick getaway during spring break, and here is what I want to remember :

The shadows of the palm trees dancing on the sand.

The moon in all her glory - as we saw her rise and set in opposite sides of the sky.

The way Anna walks and stands with such command.
The tiny sea shells Elliot found. The dream I had of Luca catching a football. Followed by him finding a football on the beach the next day, and watching him catch with ease, just like the dream.

The dinner where the kids played outside and we chatted a few feet away in peace at our table.

The power and strength of the ocean, and the feeling of her taking what I no longer need.

The colors.

The vibrant and generous flowers.

The ease.

The release.

The book I picked up at the airport, and the salve it offered me as an artist.

Now I am happy to be back home, tending to my art refreshed. I just saw a baby bunny from my studio window, and seeing everything that has burst into bloom over the few days gives me such hope. Looking forward to what is coming next.

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