I am

I am

You are,

We become.



I know you will appear similar to what just was. It will feel the same, until it doesn’t. Then we will know there is something new for us here.

I will soften and receive because I have made space to release and grieve. I will dance constantly, because that is one of the best ways I know to heal.

Let gratitude course my being with perspective and grace. Let me see the tremendous amount of good fortune all around. Let me not forget for a moment all of what I have by yearning for what I do not have. Let me be delighted by the dreams and visions, but not disillusioned with our current life.

I believe in myself, I care for myself enough to create a structure for my life. I am held. I fiercely turn my seeking of success inwards, by noting the big and little things that have occurred. I take time to celebrate!!! I take time to let it in. This practice is revolutionary and shifts my outer world. I finally get that my external output does not define my worth, brilliance, creativity and sense of self.

I let my body guide me. I tap into her divine wisdom and am guided by her. I am devoted to her. Teach me to fully accept her.

I savor this life.

Thank you.

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