I can become pregnant with images, ideas, and experiences I have had and want to share. And I pause. Because I want to savour the sacred moment, and let it be absorbed, until I feel ready to share.

But what often happens, life occurs and I do not claim the time to integrate, and then the next thing happens and it piles on. I feel bloated, stagnant, overwhelmed and confused.

What I’m noticing is : instead of holding it all in, bursting with things to share, I get to let it trickle from my heart. Because for me, now, this is where alchemy occurs.

So get ready for the highlight reel of this past month, and notice your own too. Don’t think for a moment my journey is better than yours… it’s not. It’s just mine. Something I am forever remembering. And let me bring to life these memories that want to be shared with other beating hearts, patiently searching, surfing, navigating their own waters.

May my story be a blessing for you, and yours to me. Let me have confidence to believe it really could be that; and let me have to courage to share from the truth of what is.

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