Integration Takes the Gift of....

Integration Takes the Gift of....

Giving yourself your own gaze.

Of seeing where separation lies and coaxing the pieces back together with your loving attention.

Integration, takes time. It takes a choice to feel that all the seemingly separate parts of me are woven together by a common thread : that is ME. I used to keep things separate because I perceived it to be tidier that way, or I’d be more understood that way. Now I am learning the power of bringing all of me wherever I go.

But let’s be real, I still compartmentalize and freeze. Like when I was renting a car and the man at the Enterprise asked me who my employer is, and I could barely answer. Should I have said, well actually : I am a self actualized artist … maybe just for practice. Ha! But I also am aware I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I just have to continuously show up for myself, which in some ways can be trickier.

The energy that it takes to keep things separate or hidden takes energy rom my life force. And I will take whatever way I can liberate and free myself. That is why last year I had to inform all of facebook through a live video that I am an artist! While this felt like a bold declaration for me, and also a little silly, because it was really an internal conversation I had to have with myself, so many people I know and love, replied with : of course you are.

In a way I needed witnessing, and a touch of external validation. I felt like I had to just inform everyone of the internal shift that was occurring, much like I did when a new baby was born. People!! Something new is happening over here.

So I claimed myself as being a self actualized artist, and through all this I created Heartistry, which is a space which combines my favorite modalities of healing, being, and connecting : moving, writing, and making. We are going to be exploring all about integration this session.

Join me this Sunday at 3pm EST to explore where integration is calling you in your life, IN your relationships? your work? Your family? Your expression? Come and melt the borders!

Also, in the realm of integration… keep your eyes open for more ways to work with me : think matchmaking jewelry sessions, Heartistry one on one, and fingers crossed outdoor gatherings come spring / summer / and fall.

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