Internal Bloom

Internal Bloom

While summer transitioned into fall, I began this jewelry collection. They represent the internal garden that informed my view. During the summer I cultivated a closeness with the flowers that bloomed. I spent time planting them, watering them, and looking carefully as I painted their form.

This work is an honoring of their memory, as their imprint remains.

Remenants of the season before, about to be shaped by the season ahead.

I celebrate the fact I noticed the blessings of these flowers. Now I let their magic work through me as I allow my eyes to be blessed with new images like the changing color of leaves that usher in the silhouette of branches.

I find my own way to spin the passing of time into gold, and this Internal Bloom collection is my offering of joy, healing, and love to this beautiful wild world we live in. May it be a comfort for you.

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