Motherhood has been an initiation that continues to deepen. One in which I have no answers, but I can listen with a gentle knowing.

Motherhood has been a push and pull. The forever meeting of needs and making space for my own.

Motherhood has been resistance and surrender.

Motherhood has been, and continues to be a healing. A calling back all parts of me. I have been uncovering, discovering, and remembering… where I came from.

I light a candle for my mother and hers, and hers, and hers, and the whole maternal line I come from. And for all the mothers, and all who have mothered, and all who have lost a mother, and all who yearn to be a mother, and all who have chosen not to be.

I celebrate and honor the strength, perseverance, resilience that brought me here… and lay down what I no longer need, the intimate relationships I have with struggle, force, chaos, and exhaustion.

I will remember to share the infinite amount of love that I have for our children with myself.

I will forever be a place to land.

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