“Sit beneath me,” she says. “My roots will nourish yours, and my blossoms will restore your fragmented sight.”

So I lay my body beneath this flowering tree in our yard. Her smell is intoxicating. There is such peace watching her branches gently sway.

“Bask in me,” she begs. “For it is only in these brief moments I will have these petals. It is all so ephemeral. Soon you will forget I ever held the brilliance of these soft pinks in my flowers. You will forget how busy the bees were with me. Soon you will forget, so sit with me now. Let’s create a memory you can return to when you need a reminder of your brilliance. For my beauty holds you, restores you, and will love you back to all you know is true. My beauty is a reflection of you.”

I feel my breath soften in her presence, and I am reminded that the meaning of my work mirrors her effect on me.

Charm & Magic is a way to offer beauty in the frequency of a prayer, as a conduit of healing, for the possibility of meeting you where you are, and holding you right there.

Thank you for being here.

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