Taking into consideration the ways my external life displays the level I value, believe, and trust myself.

The many choices I have to make feels like a portal into deepening my truth. I am well situated and supported to step on through - and I celebrate the structures I have put in place to do so.

Perhaps the greatest work of all is to no longer discount my work for the mere fact that I made it, the thought being : whatever, it is no big deal. Instead, marveling at the fact this work came through me, and recognizing the many things I have arranged in my life for this to happen.

Then the work of staying steady no matter what people’s opinions are. And rejection, or nos, are a way to deepen my YES.

Then I wonder… if I take myself seriously, will my kids also? Are they too guiding me to the clearest expresion of myself. Does the tension comes from the gap? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Staying the course. This life is continuous experiences of deeply committing, and recommitting.

All of it is strength training.

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