I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff and I have to jump and I have no idea if there will be a net there. This place feels familiar, but this time it feels much higher, more is at stake.

Yesterday, the gusting winds reminded me of change, which feels desperate at this point.

Today, there was something special about the light streaming into our kitchen. It was flickering, not still and steady. It was in conversation with the leaves outside that were dancing in the wind.

This light reminds me of the forever shifting that is life, and I pray we find ourselves in the light at the end of this election : after being in the shadow of America these last years.

I am praying for justice to be restored, and the awareness that if in fact it is, or isn’t, the work doesn’t stop here, and never will.

I am using my vote to take a stand to address and eventually dissolve systemic racism, admit there is climate change and take the steps necessary to heal this earth, support refugees seeking asylum here, amongst many other things : in addition of honoring the basic principals I value : kindness and honesty.

And so it is.

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