Quickly, Before The Petals Fall

Quickly, Before The Petals Fall

This is about a bouquet.

I bought this bouquet at the side of the road, one that I HAD TO have. Even though I felt like it was made for a bride.

The fragrance was heavenly and the fact there were both dahlias and peonies layered amongst these blooms at the end of June felt quite special. The gentle hues of every flower transfixed me. There was a softness of flowers I often see in vibrant and bright colors, which I also love, but this was understated - in an elegant way.

I was so intrigued by the form and shape of these individual stems and collectively. I spent the next few days sketching and painting because - as you know, cut flowers are not long for this world. Once I saw a pile of petals next to the vase - that helped me prioritize painting even more. This beauty was fleeting, and would not be here forever.

There is a magic to doing what brings you joy, and I am excited to share this work in the form of 7 original paintings with you here in my online shop.

Deep gratitude for Cool Spring Gardens.

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