San Miguel

San Miguel

Two weeks ago I was immersed in the land of beauty, color, and magic on an art retreat spent painting and discovering treasures along the way. I learned so much from that experience.

Things like :

It is never too late to learn something new, and it is a brave thing to do.

There is deep relief in being seen, and in belonging.

I don’t have to try so hard. I do not have to be anything I am not, or to labor for love and receptivity.

I can trust myself. Permission has been given over and over, and while it is a muscle that hasn’t been encouraged my entire life as an “agreeable woman”, it is growing stronger each day.

What goes around comes around. Invest in someone and you invite the opportunity to be invested in.

Color and nature has a deep beauty to heal and reorient towards my truth, which I felt closer to upon my return to the gray Pennsylvania winter.

Anytime worth investing in yourself is well worth it. It will no doubt ripple out.

Many obvious truths, the kind my kids would say Duh! to, that I will inevitably forget and remember again. So grateful to Mati + Fatih for leading this retreat and all the women I got to be with, and the fact that I said YES and went.


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