Shaped by the Season

Shaped by the Season

Summer is a series of letting go.

How much can I release?

Will I be able to find my way back? Do I trust myself that I will know the way, or be able to hear the call if I head a new direction?

How much can I allow myself to be shaped by the season?

The season of meetings and partings - reunions that eventually dissolve. Pages turn, new chapters begin at an accelerated pace as I visit new places, familiar places, and find the new within the old. When I was back home in NY and then to Lake George - I felt the immensity of the trees in a new way. I was taken by their height, their splendor, and the contrast to the trees I usually see in Pennsylvania.

I feel the magnification of the series of arriving and departing all to find new or familiar parts of me waiting to be integrated.

The creative practice has been a great support in navigating all of this. We had such a great time at July’s Creative Play workshop. Please join me Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:30pm as we bring out the art supplies and play with color, shape, and texture. You can sign up here. Space is limited. Let me know if you have any questions.

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