Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

To stay hopeful.

To rejoice in possibility.

To reconfigure as we welcome spring.

May my eyes adjust to the splendor of the expansive blue skies and the return of a green grass,speckled with a slow and soon to be steady stream of blossoms. 

May my being receive the medicine of this revivalregeneration, and beauty, and offer my soul deep, tender nourishment.

I will honor all that I have overcome, while celebrating all that I have become this past year. Spring is only made possible by winter.

When the world closed down, I began to open up. But first I crumbled. I notice how the dark cave dampened with my tears watered my own unique seed within my being, and with it the permission to express the true life that resides within.

And so this return to spring feels even more juicy, poignant and rich. I will allow my senses to be delighted. To be in rapture, after the rupture.

It feels like a prayer when I create, and this jewelry collection is no exception. may Spring Awakening honor that sense of endurance, persistence, healing, and allowing that resides within. May it be a reminder of the fruits that will blossom when intuition is revered.

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