Sprouting Sweet Peas

Sprouting Sweet Peas

For the past two years I have been trying to grow sweet peas. I was enamored once I heard about the promise of their generous and delicate flowers they offer in abundance. I have also read about all the ways they like to be planted and nurtured. So I diligently sewed my seeds in trays of soil in early spring.

The first year they sprouted and I planted them, but the bunnies got them before they had a proper chance.

Last year, they all withered on a warm spring day baking in their trays. Oops.

Shortly after my second defeat sometime in mid spring I had a dream. My grandma appeared (6 months after she died) and said, “Oh, I just planted my sweet pea seeds in the ground on April 1st.” So elated to be in her presence, even though it was just in dream form, and somehow aware - I started to seize this opportunity and ask her - what other flowers did you have in your garden? She was not available for that question, she just had a message to share. I don’t even know if she ever planted sweet peas.

So of course this April 1st I gathered the seeds. My youngest child and I dug holes and planted a few seeds here and there. And what do you know, but the other day I noticed a sprout of what will hopefully become a vibrant plant with continued care!!

This little glimpse of green is way more than a simple sprout, it now feels like it is held in the wisdom and care of my Oma.

Similarly there are some new sprouts of jewels that have made their way into this Moon Garden collection! Like the sweet peas, they are a continuous offering of the expression of light and softness.

View these new pieces here.

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