The Greatest Love Story

The Greatest Love Story

Is the one you have with yourself.

Mine occurred right on time - a reunification of the truest parts of me.

One where I put myself on my own pedestal. One where I listen, one where I allow instead of always pushing.

In a continuous time of forgetting and remembering, I will always chose to remember again.

I will never tire of recommitting to myself. I welcome my whole self back home.

I am in love with myself, and that is the most potent magic there is. This magic doesn’t deserve to be contained.

I drench myself in devotion, reverence and kindness, for it occurred to me the other day that the negative thoughts in my mind, are not actually true. I am not my thoughts. I get to choose what I want to believe.

The lyrics below struck a chord so deep. The song was introduced to me by Tracy, of Ishtara dance - and these revelations were uncovered through my dancing. They resonate so profoundly. The acknowledgment and the reunion.

“I love how your soul is a mix of chaos and art and you never try to keep them apart.” - Dermott Kennedy

Here is to your remembering, uncovering, forgetting, and recommitting all in the name of self love.

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