This Precious Life

This Precious Life

Sometimes, I am stricken by the incomprehensible beauty of this world.

My heart swells in reverence, as my mind tries to take in the majesty of it all. I cannot help but bow to the wildflowers pushing through the rocky earth, thriving in their unique way. I marvel at how they land just where they need to in order to grow to their fullest expression.

I wonder if I could do the same? Flourish in my life, where I often feel thwarted by myself. Can I rise, and then can I rise again? Can I reconstruct and then relish? Can I luxuriate in this life I have been gifted? Can I really open my heart wide enough to receive this profound beauty?

For when I open, I know I will also be asked to feel the sorrow and pain that comes with living and loosing on this earth. So I grieve, so that I can rejoice.

I step into the courage of believing in myself wildly.

I become generous with myself.

And I notice both the wildflowers and I are growing.

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