Tiny Internal Shifts

Tiny Internal Shifts

Am I the the only one that religiously undercuts myself, and fails to see all I have created? Progress: a blur, unable to be identified amidst moving so quickly day in and day out.

It is another snow day today. While the kids were eating their oatmeal and my husband was snowplowing, I crept downstairs to exercise for 20 minutes – which I knew would ultimately be for everyone’s benefit. The teacher, Robyn Arzon said, what do you have now in your life that you once wished so hard for? Wow. Well, everything, and more. Beyond my wildest dreams in fact.

My mentor Anahita Joon gave me a challenge in December to set a 8 joy alarms each day for 30 days. When they rang I had to seek out my joy and spend more time there. 98% of the time my joy was right in front of me : it rang while I was in the kitchen with my kids, on a walk with a friend, talking with my husband, or creating art….I just had to pause a beat and realize what was in front of me, and receive it. Let it all the way in.

Every time I am swimming in unrealistic exceptions of myself, may I remember to slow down, to notice what is being built, especially when everything feels to be consistently torn down. To take time to CELEBRATE, to write a love letter to myself, to honor all I have gave, all you have received, all that you have dreamed into form. Join me?!

I wonder how I would feel at the end of the day, if I witnessed and honored my spirit instead of scrolling and comparing. Obviously it would feel so good! I would feel fulfilled and proud, which is always what I am forever searching for. Can’t we always give ourselves just what it is we are looking for?

Tiny internal shifts, another one now.

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