Welcome 2024

Welcome 2024

Opening to the mystery of what lies ahead, while finding ways to deepen into loving and accepting myself.

A forever practice. Repairing all the ways I’ve rejected my tender being. This all seems counter intuitive.

I crave a solid foundation. I am yearning for organization.

I have been here before. I am not naturally organized, I am “comfortable” in chaos. I am starting to wonder if self love is the tool that is needed to create steady ground.

Can I melt my inner resistance towards myself enough to let the love seep in?

Would this soften the jagged edges and is that the whole point?

Is everything a vehicle for love?

And, is it true I don’t have to prove anything to let it in?

What other truths are there?

I want to get ahead of it.

I want to trust that I have the ability and resources to tend to my own needs - and thus others.

I am open to the mystery, to the wonder, to the healing.

May I remember I will not be given anything I cannot handle and that there is beauty in it all.

Wishing you all blessings ahead.

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